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Percentage of Indian M.P.s elected in 2019 who are facing criminal charges : 43

Percentage of those M.P.s who are being charged with murder or attempted murder : 18

Amount a Danish parliamentary candidate paid to run an election campaign ad on a pornography website in May : $500

Percentage fewer votes he received in that election compared with his previous run : 75

Number of proposals in the Ontario premier’s 2019 budget that focus on making
alcohol cheaper : 3

Number of times that “beer,” “wine,” or “alcohol” is mentioned in the budget : 52

That “climate change” is : 17

Factor by which more migrants with criminal records are apprehended at the Canadian rather than the Mexican border : 3

Estimated percentage of Mexican immigrants to the United States who are undocumented : 45

Of U.S. immigrants to Mexico : 95

Rank of Texan among U.S. accents that Americans find sexiest : 1

Of “general American” : 32

Portion of white Americans who lived in an almost exclusively white neighborhood
in 1980 : 1/3

Who do so today : 1/20

Percentage of Americans who say that ethnic and racial diversity is good
for the country : 57

Who say they wish their own communities were more diverse : 24

Percentage of white U.S. men who say it’s a dangerous time for men in this country : 37

Who say it’s a dangerous time for women : 32

Percentage chance that a U.S. woman who is denied an abortion will be in poverty six months later : 61

That a U.S. woman who receives an abortion will be : 45

Minimum percentage by which doctors are less likely to order cancer screenings if the appointment is in the afternoon : 10

Percentage change in median CEO compensation for S&P 500 companies last year : +6.6

In median shareholder returns : –5.8

Percentage of U.K. financial sector employees who have a parent who has worked in finance : 41

Estimated annual cost to U.S. consumers and businesses for every job saved by the Trump Administration’s steel tariffs : $900,000

Minimum amount the R.N.C. and the Trump campaign have spent on legal fees since the 2016 election : $16,246,687

Minimum amount the Trump Administration has spent on golfing trips : $106,000,000

Percentage of Americans who say they are dissatisfied with “the way things are going in the United States” : 63

Rank of Americans among nationalities most likely to say their country is the
best in the world : 1

Factor by which more Americans died in school shootings than in combat last year : 3

Number of service members whose names were accidentally etched into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial more than once : 13

Number of Vietnam War survivors whose names were accidentally etched into it : 31

Percentage decline in annual visitors to major Civil War battlefields since 1970 : 42

Average percentage by which U.S. military spouses earn less than their professional counterparts married to civilians : 27

Percentage change in women’s math test scores in a room that is between 80° and 90° F rather than 60° and 70° F : +27

In men’s math test scores : –7

Percentage of U.K. residents who say they don’t leave home as often as they’d like to because of a lack of public toilets : 20

Who say they have deliberately dehydrated themselves for this same reason : 56

Number of the top-ten requested funeral songs in the United Kingdom that are traditional hymns : 0

Portion of U.K. adults who say they want the music at their funeral to make people laugh : 1/4

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