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Lost Boys


From a list of terms defined by the U.S. Department of Defense in a report on men who identify as involuntary celibates, or incels. Elliot Rodger was a twenty-­two-year-old self-described incel who, in 2014, killed six people near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and explained that he wanted to punish women and sexually active men. 

normie: A person who can function normally within society
incel: A person who is not in a relationship and has never had sex, despite attempts
mentalcel: An incel whose reason for failure is related to metal illness or insecurities
volcel: A person who is voluntarily abstinent
femoid: A female human, from humanoid; indicates that women are subhuman
alpha: A man who is able to get the sex and affection he desires
beta: A man who is not confident and who is submissive
omega: A male lower in status than a beta
chad: A man who is perceived as being sexually superior to an incel; the top 20 percent of males
tyrone: A black man who is a Chad equivalent; usually accompanied by racist undertones
stacy: A woman who is considered beautiful and promiscuous; perceived as unfairly rejecting incels for Chads
blackpill: The idea that there is no personal solution to systemic problems
blackpilled: Describes a person who is not an incel or a sub-incel but who has the blackpill mentality
going e.r.: A reference to an incel conducting a mass-casualty attack
saint elliot: A reference to Elliot Rodger, who is a hero to incels for his 2014 attack