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From surveillance measures taken by governments and institutions around the world in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Connected patient case numbers with location data
Deployed drones to scold pedestrians for not wearing masks
Deployed drones to instruct people to disperse with a recorded message from the mayor
Deployed drones to peer into windows to check whether residents were obeying quarantine
Aggregated data from Google and Facebook to track how the virus spreads among friends
Accessed the cell phones of citizens who tested positive and sent text messages to people whom they had possibly infected
Required citizens to download an app that assesses their health, labels them green, yellow, or red, sends this information to the police, and grants them access to public spaces on the basis of their color grade
Launched a platform to track the movement of confirmed cases using credit card transactions and CCTV footage
Installed CCTV cameras in front of the homes of people under mandated quarantine
Installed heat-detection cameras outside hospitals
Integrated AI technology with surveillance cameras in the subway system to assess whether passengers were wearing masks
Introduced a robot to track when employees came within six feet of one another
Used RFID technology to determine whether employees were washing their hands
Required arriving travelers to wear electronic tracking wristbands
Required students to wear electronic tracking devices
Forced undocumented immigrants to wear electronic tracking bracelets
Required individuals who tested positive to download an app that notifies the police when they leave their homes
Introduced a police helmet with facial-recognition technology that uses thermal cameras to measure body temperature
Assigned citizens QR codes that contain personal data
Required people in quarantine to submit one selfie per hour between 7 am and 9 pm
Secretly registered users for a game show called Are You at Home? in which the host calls random users to check whether they are obeying quarantine

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September 2020

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