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COVID-19 (Disease)

Hard Times

Will America recover under Biden?

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Life After Trump

Reality after trump Tabloids after trump Movies after trump Relationships after trump Manners after trump Imagination after trump Gold after trump Conversation after trump Punctuation after trump Apologies after trump…

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Madagascar reckons with an invasive crayfish

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Signs of the Covenant

The old media of the ultra-Orthodox

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A Zoom with a View

From behaviors engaged in by politicians and other government employees around the world during virtual meetings last year. Removed her shirt and bra during a meeting with her political party,…

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Fresca and Brimstone

From a sermon given in July 2020 by the minister at Grace Community Church, a megachurch in Sun Valley, California. The church had a coronavirus outbreak in October. We are…

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These Precious Days

Tell me how the story ends

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The Armies of the Right

Inside Ukraine’s extremist militias

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Parental Guidance Suggested

From a speech delivered in September to the Boca Raton School Board, in Florida, by an elementary school teacher concerned about the behavior of parents during their children’s remote-learning classes.…

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December 2020