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COVID-19 (Disease)

No Pain, No Gain

Pandemic bonds and the privatization of public health

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Permanent Pandemic

Will COVID controls keep controlling us?

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Mistaking Identity

From Liberalism and Its Discontents, which will be published this month by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Modern democracies are facing a deep cognitive crisis. For many years now, societies have…

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More of a Comment than a Question

From comments sent to public school boards in the United States since last year. You are forcing them to wear masks for no reason in this world other than control.…

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Down the Hatch

On the road with the last American carnival sideshow

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Notes on the State of Jefferson

A secessionist movement brews in northern California

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Pearls of Wisdom

From advice published in Rich People’s Problems, a monthly column in the Financial Times by James Max, during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are adequately insured, then being burgled is…

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Free Country

Permitless carry and the new gun-rights extremism

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Zodiac Killers

From an October 2021 analysis of immunization data by the Salt Lake County Health Department, in Utah, demonstrating how COVID-19 vaccination rates vary by astrological sign. sign percentage fully vaccinated…

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January 2022

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