Grave Concerns,

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Grave Concerns


From complaints received by the American Battle Monuments Commission between 2014 and 2019 that were acquired by through a Freedom of Information Act request. The commission manages twenty-six American military cemeteries and thirty federal memorials, most of which are overseas.

The cemetery was closed

The cemetery was guarded by a British private security firm

The cemetery no longer allows American veterans to fold the flags, which are now folded by French staffers

An engraving on a monument reads lood how young they were

The cemetery did not notify us of ongoing construction

The cemetery used a blue tarp instead of a green tarp to cover missing grass

The cemetery had moss and algae growing in its gutters

The cemetery had standing water, which attracts mosquitoes carrying dengue

The cemetery is located south of a local cemetery that does not embalm the dead and buries them in wooden caskets, putting the cemetery at risk of contamination

An employee at the cemetery slammed doors and shuffled papers in the chapel during a military funeral

An employee at the cemetery asked me whether I was a redneck and whether I had a Confederate flag

The cemetery’s superintendent renovated his residence so that it obstructed the view from our garden and threatened to remove our hedge

The cemetery’s spokesman spends too much time on social media and not enough assisting widows of the deceased

The president spends too much money on state dinners and not enough on preserving our flower fund

The flower-ordering service does not accept PayPal

The cemetery did not fulfill four requests for flowers from Senator Lindsey Graham’s constituents, preventing them from organizing photo shoots