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From entries on Wikipedia written by the user AmaryllisGardener. AmaryllisGardener, a nineteen-year-old from North Carolina, has written more than twenty-three thousand articles for Scots Wikipedia but cannot speak Scots, a native language of Scotland. The articles are written in an invented dialect that mimics English with a stereotypical Scottish accent. In August, a Reddit user discovered that AmaryllisGardener had written more than a third of the articles on the Scots Wikipedia.

dreams: Successions o images, ideas, emotions, an sensations that occur uisually involuntarily in the mynd during certain stages o sleep.

utopia: A commonty or society possessin heichly desirable or near perfect qualities.

pairadise: A place o exceptional happiness an delicht. Pairadisiacal notions are eften laden wi pastoral eemagery, eften compared tae the miseries o human ceevilisation: in pairadise thare is anerly peace, prosperity, an happiness.

peace: An occurrence o harmony characterized bi lack o violence, conflict behaviors an the freedom frae fear o violence.

optimism: A mental attitude reflectin a belief or haip that the ootcome o some speceefic endeavor, or ootcomes in general, will be positive, favourable, an deseerable.

the futur: Whit will happen in the time efter the present. Its arrival is conseedert inevitable due tae the existence o time an the laws o pheesics.

supersteetion: A pejorative term for any belief or practice that is conseedert irraitional if it arises frae ignorance, a misunnerstaundin o science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear o the unkent.

delusion: A mistaken belief that is held wi strang conviction even in the presence o superior evidence tae the contrar.

insomnia: An aa kent as sleeplessness, is a sleep disorder whaur fowk hae trooble sleepin.

fear: An emotion induced bi a threat perceived bi livin entities, which causes a chynge in brain an organ function an ultimately a chynge in behavior, such as runnin away, hidin, or freezin frae traumatic events.

disaster: Is a serious disruption o the functionin o a commonty or a society involvin widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses an impacts, which exceeds the ability o the affectit commonity or society tae cope uisin its ain resoorces.

nichtmare: An unpleisant dream that can cause a strang emotional response frae the mynd, teepically fear but an aw wanhowp, anxiety an great sadness.

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