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From posts to the Missed Connections section of Craigslist, where users recount interactions with strangers in the hopes of finding them again.

6 train smile, new york city

I just want to thank you for allowing me to watch you. I had a good time. I should have gotten off at the stop you got off on but I had to get to an appointment. Always it is like that.


exterminator, westchester, new york

You came to my house recently. You seemed like you wanted more than just talk.


amazon delivery driver, boulder, colorado

I enjoyed your sense of humor. Wish you had more time, but I know how hard they drive you.


lady who wanted to purchase teacups, vancouver, british columbia

We had a garage sale two years in a row and you were very interested in our teacups. Due to a death in the family I am selling these cups.


missing you karen, portland, oregon

Where have you been? Have you missed me? Interesting question. It was a long time ago. Our secrets are safe with each other.


safeway, seattle

Friday afternoon: We bumped into each other while shopping, talked about how frustrating it is having kids and husbands at home. Mischievous look about you. I should have gotten your number.


cute girl at chilis, orange county, california

I wanted to get your number, but my daughter was with me.


extra ketchup, los angeles

We were at Chick-fil-A and I asked you for extra ketchup. You handed me mayonnaise instead. I didn’t notice until after my prayer. You turned me into a European.


you came to my house selling bibles, columbia, maryland

We chatted a bit at my front door. I bought one. Would like to buy another.


making faces on i-10, tucson, arizona

I made a lot of faces at you, and you made a few back. Thanks! No one ever makes faces back!


sprouts on lomas, albuquerque, new mexico

It’s hard to detect flirting with a mask on, but our eyes locked.


i knew you from your eyes, boulder, colorado

I was walking past the checkout at King Soopers when I saw the eyes that I so long ago fell in love with. You were being helped at custumer service. I still remember all the good times we had. Maybe I hurt you in a way, but I’m glad you found someone. You’ll always be a happy memory.


... i really miss our laughs on the train, chicago

If I knew I would never see you again, I would have told you how much those laughs on the 4:42 train really meant to me after a shitty day at work. I hoped that since we live in the same town I’d have run into you at some point. I’m moving out of state, so I had to put this out to the universe and see if there was any chance you’d see it.


looking for those whove shared my dream, milwaukee, wisconsin

I’m searching for someone that I have been having a shared dream experience with. I cracked my psyche about a year ago and my subconscious and conscious have been leaking into those of others, as impossible as that may seem. You would probably know me as Marcer, the Nothing, the Void, or possibly Dragon.


brunette in cowboy hat blasting zappa from your pickup, salem, oregon

A man can dream.