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From a list of recent changes to the abilities of characters in Crusader Kings III, a computer strategy game released last year in which players select a medieval dynasty and guide successive generations through wars, alliances, and political intrigue.

Blind characters can no longer become knights

Reclusive characters can no longer host their own feasts

Children can no longer be educated by hardened criminals

Children can no longer initiate a literalist debate

Very inbred families can now negotiate alliances

Characters are now less eager to marry people of whom they are terrified

Vassals of vassals are now able to declare war on vassals of their liege’s liege

Infertile spouses will now no longer wish one another “a long life and many children”

Spymasters can no longer try to dig up dirt on themselves

The Pope can no longer publicly accept cannibalism

Players can no longer attempt to learn dead people’s secrets

Players can no longer be tortured into confessing a secret they don’t know

Players can no longer lose a friend they didn’t have

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