[Readings] The Final Medical Frontier,

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The Final Medical Frontier


From abstracts of articles published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Early Human Development. The works were flagged for review by the publisher, Elsevier, after a college student wrote a letter citing nineteen articles between 2018 and 2020 that mentioned Star Trek.

It is hoped that Star Trek may help us understand where it is that medicine may be heading.

Nurses worldwide have striven to establish nursing as a profession, autonomous but complementary to the medical profession. This paper will discuss Christine Chapel and Alyssa Ogawa, who arguably are the only two nurses on board Star Trek’s Enterprise given prominent roles. There seems to be a shift toward a more multidisciplinary approach a century later in the Star Trek timeline.

Both strong and weak AIs are often depicted as being programmed with safeguards that prevent harm to humanity. This paper will attempt to show that these ethical subroutines may be vital to our continued existence. It will analyze the machine analogues of conscience through an analysis of the android Data and the Emergency Medical Hologram. AI should be treated with caution, lest we create powerful intelligences that ignore us.

Adolf Eichmann was a high-ranking Nazi, one of many who were tasked with implementing the final solution. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine commences with the Cardassian relinquishment of Bajor, where one high-ranking Cardassian labor-camp commander turns out to have been a filing clerk seeking atonement and closure for the deeds he witnessed. This paper will compare the fictional concentration-camp commander with Adolf Eichmann, lest we allow history to repeat itself.

Nanotechnology is defined as the study, creation, and utilization of structures ranging in size from 1 to 100 nanometers. Manichaeism is a dualistic philosophy that maintains that actions are either intrinsically good or evil. This paper will demonstrate that the use of nanotechnology reveals the Manichaean nature of the struggle between the Federation and the Borg. The Federation uses nanotechnology for medical purposes, while the Borg use this technology to forcibly assimilate individuals as mindless slaves. These are cautionary tales about completely unfettered research.