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From publishers’ descriptions of audiobooks recorded by Edmund Kemper for The Blind Project. Kemper was convicted of murdering his grandmother, grandfather, mother, and seven other girls and women between 1964 and 1973. He is currently serving a life sentence in California.

flowers in the attic: Four children are kept in the attic of their grandmother’s labyrinthine mansion, isolated and alone. As visits from their seemingly unconcerned mother slowly dwindle, the children grow closer and depend on one another to survive.

the tangled web: If the most exciting part of Rowry’s job is running in the drunks on Saturday night, that’s fine with him. But sometimes drunks carry guns.

bowdries law: When you look into Chick Bowdrie’s black eyes it’s like looking down the barrels of two .44s with their hammers drawn back.

the rosary murders: Priests and nuns are being methodically murdered in Detroit. The weeks that follow become a nightmare for the crack homicide team.

the glass key: Paul Madvig aspired to something better: the daughter of Senator Ralph Bancroft Henry. Did he want her badly enough to commit murder?

windmills of the gods: She is a beautiful and accomplished scholar, a woman who is about to dramatically change the course of world events—if she lives. For Mary Ashley has been marked for death by the world’s most proficient and mysterious assassin.

sphinx: It was the magic and mystery of an empire long past that beautiful Erica Baron came to explore. It was then that terror overtook her.

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August 2021

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