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From December headlines in the New York Times that were altered after publication. The changes were detected by the @nyt_diff Twitter bot, which automatically tweets alterations to the Times website.

Poland Is a Vision of the Future. What Happened to Poland?

We Need to Listen to Desmond Tutu About Forgiveness. Where Is the Forgiveness and Grace in Cancel Culture?

Our Children Are Suffering. We Must Help Them. Things Were Getting Better for Kids. Here’s How to Boost Their Well-Being

Iraq Confirms Election Gains for Shiite Leader Emerging as Unlikely U.S. Ally. Iraq Confirms Election Gains for Shiite Leader Seen as Potential U.S. Ally

Why the Police Believe They’re Not to Blame for Deaths in Custody. How Paid Experts Help Exonerate Police After Deaths in Custody

Another Covid Christmas, and What Have You Done? When Do You Know You’ve Done Your Work Here on Earth?

Welcome to the Charles Dickens Luxury Apartments. Luxury Apartments Where Oliver Twist Once Asked for Gruel

Let’s Hope What Happened in 2021 Stays in 2021. Joe Manchin Is Wondering What Happened to His White House Christmas Card

Stocks Drift Lower as Wall Street Awaits the Outcome of the Fed Meeting. Stocks Rise as the Federal Reserve Steps Up Its Inflation Fight

Tornadoes Shouldn’t Be a Workplace Hazard. This Is What Happens When Workers Don’t Control Their Own Lives

Boris Johnson’s Charm Is Wearing Extremely Thin. Boris Johnson Is in Trouble

It May Not Feel Like It Right Now, But There Is a World of Good We Can Do