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January 2023 Issue [Readings]

Don’t Mess with Texas

From a class-action lawsuit filed in September against T.W. Garner Food Company, the North Carolina–based manufacturer of Texas Pete hot sauce.

In the United States, the most common style of hot sauce is the “Louisiana-style” hot sauce. “Louisiana-style” however does not indicate that the product was made in Louisiana, or that the ingredients came from Louisiana. Mexican hot sauce brands are often classified as Louisiana-style hot sauces. So a Mexican hot sauce may be Louisiana-style hot sauce. A hot sauce is labeled “Texas” if it is made in Texas, using Texas ingredients and flavor profiles. Texas hot sauce is not a “style” of hot sauce A hot sauce can be Louisiana-style without being made in Louisiana or containing Louisiana ingredients. Texas hot sauces, on the other hand, must be made in Texas from ingredients sourced from Texas. A Texas hot sauce can be Louisiana-style, but it must have Texas roots. Texas takes great pride in its hot sauce. Texas holds many festivals dedicated to its hot sauce. The defendant trades on the reputation of Texas. There is nothing Texas about them.

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January 2023

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