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From messages sent to, a website that answers anonymous questions from Russians.

Hi! I am a contract military person. My contract is about to end. I filed my dismissal report a few months ago, but they stopped dismissing people after the mobilization was announced. I am a former citizen of Ukraine and I don’t want to participate in this military operation. May I use the Constitution in this case? I have a disabled child. He’s with my wife now. She’s not working, since she has to take care of him. She’s in a poor psychological state because of all this. How can I leave her?

I got a conscription notice, went to the enlistment office, and am getting sent out on Monday. I’ve had two strokes. I am forty years old.

My brother was grabbed yesterday straight from his workplace—and two thousand other miners with him. What should I do?

I was detained during the protest. They served me a conscription notice, sentenced me to twenty-four hours in prison, and took me to the detention center. The police are telling me that everyone will be sent to the local enlistment office.

My friend is twenty-one and he was taken for military training as soon as he came to the enlistment office, even though he hasn’t passed any medical exams, doesn’t have any combat experience, and has never held a gun.

My friend was taken to the military unit today, even though he’s unfit for service. He has a pretty serious diagnosis and has to have surgery urgently. They didn’t believe him in the enlistment office, and they went with him to the hospital to see the doctor who signed off on his paperwork. An employee at the enlistment office requested a new examination. The doctor confirmed the diagnosis once again and said that surgery is necessary. The enlistment office employee was not satisfied and told my friend to go home and pack a bag. Now my friend is in a military unit. Please help.

I’m a college student. We were forced to go to a demonstration (in support of the war). My friend and I did not go and won’t in the future. We were told to write an explanation for why we were not present. We were told there will be a lot of demonstrations like this one and that after a third explanation paper is submitted, we’ll be expelled. They refer to some “government order.” Do they have the right to expel us for not participating in a demonstration? I mean, I know they can do whatever they want.

Can I make a fake denunciation against a friend of mine so that criminal proceedings might start and he won’t be taken to war? How can I do this with minimal risks to both myself and to him? I don’t want to let him go to war. How can I frame him so that he gets some minimal punishment but doesn’t have to go to war?

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February 2023

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