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From genres featured in the Paléo Festival, an annual music festival in Switzerland, since 2017.

Silky pop
Crazy pop
Kaleidoscopic literary pop
Luminous hopscotch pop
Astonishing synthetic pop
Planetary pop
Cosmic folk-pop
Celestial folk
Sun-infused trap
Sizzling post-rap
Joyful tropical electro
Tropical electro house
Hair-in-the-wind electro-disco
Architectural hip-hop
Hexagonal hip-pop
Bioethical blues’n’roll
Geothermic blues rock
Magmatic trap
Sulfurous rap
Incendiary rap
Scathing afro-futuristic rap
Retro-futuristic hybrid techno
Futuristic post-kuduro afro-electro
Electroshock afro psych cumbia from outer space
Electro experience in uncharted territories
Imperial electro
Indomitable rap
All-powerful rap
Federating rap
Dissenting rap
Militant rap
Zapatist ska punk
Revolutionary cumbia
Libertarian hip-hop
Angry post-Brexit punk rock
Agitated Celtic punk
Screaming lapidary punk
Self-mocking hip-hop
Devastating noise rock
Sophisticated rock for a cruel world
Rap for sleepless nights
Rap trip to the end of the world
Rap fatalism

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November 2023

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