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December 2023

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A photograph by Hudson Hayden, from his monograph Notwithstanding, which was published in September by Loose Joints.
© The artist. Courtesy Loose Joints
“View of the Barents Sea, with oranges that were given out every Sunday in the ship’s canteen and treasured by everyone on board,” a photograph by Evgenia Arbugaeva, from her monograph Hyperborea, which was published in October by Thames & Hudson.
© The artist
Borrowing Money, a painting by Liu Xiaodong, whose work was on view in June at Lisson Gallery, in New York City.
© Liu Xiaodong Studio. Courtesy Lisson Gallery

“Continuum” (detail), an artwork by B. Ingrid Olson, whose work was on view in October as part of the exhibition The Rose at the lumber room, in Portland, Oregon.

Courtesy the artist and Miller Meigs collection
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December 2023

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