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May 2024 Issue [Readings]

The Shawshank Renovation

From descriptions that appear on the websites of former jails that have been converted to hotels.

liberty hotel, boston

In 1973, prisoners incarcerated in the Charles Street Jail revolted because of poor living conditions, and the jail was declared to be in violation of the inmates’ constitutional rights. The transformation of the site into a hotel is the work of a team of designers and architects collaborating with conservationists. The jail cells within the hotel restaurant and wrought iron on the windows are just two examples of preservation.

old jail inn, rockville, indiana

Five cells that were turned into guest rooms, with barred doors intact, are available. They share a bare-bones prison bathroom. During their stay, guests are encouraged to use the original jail clothes and uniforms.

historic wykoff jail haus, wykoff, minnesota

We offer a comfy queen-size bed and, for the adventurous, two jail-cell bunks. A little narrow to sleep on but comfortable nonetheless! If you’re looking for plushy, better pass on by, but you will miss a great experience!

elkader jail house inn, elkader, iowa

After outliving its usefulness as a jail, the county sold the building. It was in serious disrepair, not to mention the nasty smell! No expense was spared to renovate the jail to surpass its former glory.

jailhouse suites, yellow springs, ohio

Jailhouse Suites offers four private apartments. This historic building was in use as the town jail until 1929. We hope you will find these unique accommodations a refreshing alternative to chain hotels or motels. Please understand that pets are not permitted at any time.

the cell block, clifton, texas

Imagine a place where you can escape the controlling bars of your day-to-day routine, where only you hold the key to your happiness. Break the chains of monotony and come to the Cell Block, where luxurious solitary confinement awaits you. Bring the cutest jailbird you know, or come alone and write your memoir, novel, or mother from jail.

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May 2024

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