Podcast | Harper's Magazine - Part 5

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The Storyteller

Pierre Jarawan explores the evolution of identity and home in his debut novel

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Destined for Export

Family history: the phenomenon of widespread, wrongful international adoption in Guatemala, and its long shadow

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Like This or Die

What gets lost in the age of the algorithm

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Not Mere Projection

Reconsidering the work of the notoriously elusive Cy Twombly

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Emily Bernard and Mychal Denzel Smith

How to get there from here: two authors discuss their recent work and breaking out of the limits on the public discourse around race

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Catechism of the Waters

No easy way out: the overpopulation of sea lions in Oregon demonstrates the need for humanity to live sustainably

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The Myth of White Genocide in South Africa

An ongoing racial and economic crisis in a republic that reflects our own

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Going to Extremes

In sickness, only: on mercy killings, and the crisis in our health care system

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Without a Trace

The story of one man’s search for his brother speaks to the pain of hundreds of thousands of missing migrants’ families

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Machine Politics

Rather than creating a more equal society, the internet has given rise to a new age of authoritarianism

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The Gatekeepers

Unknown knowns: the limits of racial discourse in a system almost exclusively controlled by white people

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John Cleese and Iain McGilchrist

Two-brain solution: two nights of insightful conversation with the esteemed comedian and the internationally renowned psychiatrist

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How to Save the Internet

There’s no Command+S shortcut for ethically preserving the web

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Checkpoint Nation

Not satisfied with toeing the line, US Customs and Border Protection agents are expanding their reach into the country’s interior

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The Tragedy of Ted Cruz

Is any victory great enough for the man we all love to hate?

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The Progressive Case for States’ Rights

Can’t live with ’em? Maybe we can live without ’em

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Fall Books and Rachel Kushner

On Lacy M. Johnson’s The Reckonings, Rebecca Traister’s Good and Mad, and Kristen M. Ghoddsee’s Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism; plus: an interview with the author of The Mars Room

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Thomas Frank: Rendezvous with Oblivion

The author of What’s the Matter with Kansas? and Listen, Liberal’s latest collection of essays offers a revealing tour of America 

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They Told Us Not to Say This

A reading of Jenn Alandy Trahan’s short story from the September issue “They Told Us Not to Say This,” and interview with the author Read More

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From the People Who Brought You the Weekend

In the wake of Janus, don’t mourn, organize!

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The Deportation Racket

The story of one asylum seeker’s shakedown by notario fraudsters points to untold thousands more

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How to Start a Nuclear War

Any day could be doomsday—and why that’s bad

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Living in the Vanguard of Climate Change

How mega-fires—and the blinkered perspectives demanding flawed management of them—are raising the stakes for everyone

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Insane: America’s Criminal Treatment of Mental Illness

Unfit for trial: a discussion of Alisa Roth’s book Insane: America’s Criminal Treatment of Mental Illness

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The Death of New York City

In this inaugural episode of The Harper’s Podcast, Kevin Baker and Jeremiah Moss discuss the decline of New York City

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