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Portion of single Americans who have had sex since the coronavirus pandemic began

: 3/10

Portion of those single Americans whose sexual partner was a roommate with whom they were not in a relationship

: 1/4

Percentage of users on Hinge, a dating app, who would enter an exclusive relationship with someone they had only met virtually

: 37

Estimated percentage of weddings planned for a date between March and August last year that were rescheduled

: 52

That were canceled entirely

: 7

Estimated value of loans taken out by U.S. couples for canceled 2020 weddings

: $3,700,000,000

Amount of money that Singapore is offering couples who have a baby during the pandemic

: $2,200

Portion of pregnant women with COVID-19 whose symptoms last for more than two months

: 1/4

Number of children the Trump Administration separated from their parents at the border whose parents have yet to be located

: 666

Estimated portion of those parents who have been deported without their children

: 2/3

Factor by which the word “hate” is said more often on Fox News than on MSNBC

: 5.5

Portion of U.S. adults who consume news on YouTube

: 1/4

Percentage of YouTube news channels that are oriented around a single person

: 44

That are oriented around someone who achieved fame through YouTube

: 29

Percentage by which U.S. international relations scholars are less likely than the public to view terrorism as a major threat

: 80

By which they are less likely to view Russia as a major threat

: 43

By which they are more likely to view climate change as a major threat

: 42

Number of climate-related disasters worldwide between 1980 and 1999

: 3,656

Number of countries to which the International Monetary Fund has granted pandemic loans

: 81

Percentage of these loan agreements that strongly encourage austerity measures once the crisis has ended

: 84

Estimated portion of Americans with federal student debt who have made progress repaying their loans during the pandemic

: 1/10

Factor by which U.S. lending for home-mortgage refinancing has increased this year

: 3

Number of celebrities offering to record personalized video messages for a fee on the website Cameo

: 40,000

Factor by which the number of participating celebrities has increased since March

: 2

Number of hours that U.S. workers saved each day in commuting time from March to September last year

: 60,000,000

Percentage of U.S. employers with remote workers who say that productivity has remained the same or improved

: 94

Estimated global losses in lifetime earnings for students as a result of pandemic school closures

: $10,000,000,000,000

Estimated portion of white students who live in U.S. school districts whose reopening plans included in-person learning

: 1/2

Of black and Hispanic students who do

: 1/4

Chance that an American aged 18 to 24 has sought mental-health counseling during the pandemic

: 1 in 4

Percentage of U.S. teenagers who say the events of 2020 have caused them to reconsider what they want to study in college

: 29

Who are now considering a career in health care

: 24

Number of masks sold on Etsy between January and September last year

: 53,000,000

Portion of Etsy’s total sales accounted for by masks during that period

: 1/10

Estimated amount, in years, of life that has been lost as a result of COVID-19-related deaths in the United States

: 2,500,000

Average number of years a victim is deprived of

: 13

Percentage by which sales on Minibar, an alcohol e-commerce site, exceeded the average on the day Biden was declared president

: 76

By which sales of champagne exceeded the average

: 386