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Percentage of Republicans and Democrats, respectively, who got a flu shot in the 2019–20 flu season

: 53, 56

Who say they have gotten or are very likely to get a flu shot this season

: 44, 68

Percentage increase in U.S. sales of cigarettes in 2020

: 0.4

Year in which U.S. cigarette sales last increased

: 2000

Portion of Americans aged 18 to 25 who say their alcohol use has increased during the pandemic

: 1/5

Portion of Americans who say that drug use has been a source of trouble for their family

: 1/3

Average number of times people switch between screens or tabs per day

: 566

Average number of minutes it takes to get back on task after checking a cell phone notification

: 25

Percentage increase in U.S. workers who have been involved in a workplace relationship since the start of the pandemic

: 26

Percentage of adults with shared finances who have lied to their partners about money

: 39

Percentage by which fewer Americans planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day last year than the year before

: 5

Percentage change since 2017 in the number of married Americans who say their spouse makes life meaningful

: –58

Estimated number of U.S. households that acquired a cat or dog during the pandemic

: 23,000,000

Factor by which the number of dog training services offered via Zoom increased during the pandemic

: 2

Percentage by which more working women than men report experiencing burnout often or almost always

: 20

Number of years by which the average retirement age is lower in China than in the United States

: 3

Minimum number of U.S. employee walkouts since the start of the pandemic

: 1,670

Percentage increase since August in Google searches for “how to send a resignation email”

: 3,450

Percentage by which bonuses for U.S. investment bankers and traders were projected to increase last year

: 20

Portion of active-duty U.S. military families that face food insecurity

: 1/6

Minimum number of federal prison workers who have been arrested or sentenced for crimes since 2019

: 100

Average number of mistreatment and neglect reports filed with New York City child-welfare caseworkers per week

: 1,054

Minimum number of eviction cases filed in New York City since the start of the pandemic

: 77,346

Percentage increase in rat sightings in New York City last year

: 52

Minimum number of birds killed each year in New York City by collisions with glass windows

: 90,000

Minimum number of whales killed by collisions with ships each year

: 750

Factor by which the weight of whales killed in the twentieth century exceeds that of all wild mammals today

: 2

Minimum amount, in tons, of pandemic-associated plastic waste that has been deposited in the ocean

: 25,000

Percentage of material received by U.S. recycling centers that is nonrecyclable

: 22

Factor by which U.S. online grocery sales have increased since the start of the pandemic

: 6

Percentage of New York City food delivery workers who have had their bikes stolen

: 54

Portion of college graduates projected to need at least twenty years to recoup their tuition costs

: 1/4

Portion of those graduates who will likely never recoup the total

: 3/5

Percentage by which philosophy majors are more likely than psychology majors to describe themselves as “brilliant”

: 9

Portion of U.S. adults who say they have questioned the meaning of life in the past year

: 1/4

Who say that suffering is mostly a consequence of one’s own actions

: 7/10

Who believe in heaven

: 3/4

Portion of Americans with graduate degrees who believe in ghosts

: 1/3
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