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Percentage change since 1975 in the portion of Americans who hold hunting licenses

: –38

Number of states that allow roadkill to be salvaged for food

: 31

Number of the twenty least prosperous US congressional districts that are represented by Republicans

: 16

Of the twenty most prosperous districts that are represented by Democrats

: 20

Percentage of statewide elections in the Deep South won by Republicans since 2008

: 97

Number of new Confederate statues that have been constructed on public grounds since 2015

: 1

Percentage of Southern white Americans who say the country must “protect and preserve its white European heritage”

: 30

Rank of Arabic among France’s most spoken languages

: 2

Percentage of French students who study Arabic in secondary school

: 0.2

Net loss of foreign-language programs at US colleges and universities from 2009 to 2013

: 1

Percentage increase from 2012 to 2017 in the number of US college graduates who major in computer science

: 51

In the number of students who earn PhDs in computer science

: 17

Portion of 2017 computer science PhDs who pursued work in industry rather than academia

: 2/3

Factor by which graduate students are more likely to experience depression or anxiety than the general population

: 6

Percentage of Indians with graduate educations who are unemployed

: 16

Percentage change in the value of the US market in adult fiction books from 2013 to 2017

: ?16

In children’s and young-adult fiction books

: +11

Factor by which Facebook users over 65 are more likely to share stories from fake news sites than users between 18 and 29

: 7

Percentage of US adult Facebook users who are unaware the company categorizes them according to their interests

: 74

Of users who feel their assigned categories do not accurately describe them

: 27

Percentage of Americans born before 1946 who know someone who identifies with gender-neutral pronouns

: 7

Of Americans born after 1996

: 35

Number of minutes by which the average American man has more leisure time each day than the average woman

: 33

Percentage of this extra time that men spend watching television

: 65

Percentage of Americans who said global warming was personally important to them in the spring of 2018

: 63

Percentage of US adults in 1978 who said that the country’s levels of consumption were “immoral”

: 65

Who say so today

: 46

Chance that an American CEO expected global economic growth to slow last year

: 1 in 50

That a CEO expects global economic growth to slow this year

: 3 in 10

Average age of an American with at least $25 million in 2014

: 58

Percentage of US adults who say they would rather talk about their own death than money

: 57

Percentage of Americans aged 18 to 34 who say they’d like to live forever

: 24

Of Americans over 55

: 13

Factor by which the rate of asteroids hitting Earth has increased over the past 290 million years

: 3
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