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Factor by which the North Korean government’s hackers work more quickly than the Chinese government’s

: 2

By which the Russian government’s work more quickly than the North Korean government’s

: 8

Portion of US tech workers who think tech companies should work with the government on military projects

: 3/5

Percentage of Earth observation satellites that are operated by private corporations

: 18

Estimated percentage that will be operated by private corporations by 2027

: 56

Estimated number of years it will take before women have published as many astrophysics papers as men have

: 131

Before men have published as many nursing papers as women have

: 320

Percentage of veterinarians who have been asked by patients about cannabis products for pets

: 92

Who say they are asked about them weekly

: 29

Percentage of threatened megafauna species that are killed for meat

: 72

Factor by which dairy products account for more carbon emissions than pork

: 2.6

Portion of European companies that see climate change as a business risk

: 4/5

That have set goals for emissions reductions

: 4/5

That have set goals for emissions reductions beyond 2025

: 1/3

Percentage of US businesses that say the 2017 tax cuts have had no impact on their hiring or investment plans

: 84

Percentage of Americans who said in 2013 that reducing the deficit should be a top policy priority

: 72

Amount that Americans voluntarily donated to pay down the national debt last year

: $775,654.63

Amount Americans donated in 2012

: $7,749,618.27

Estimated number of hours last year that US workers spent in meetings they considered unnecessary

: 16,640,000,000

Percentage of US workers who cite unnecessary meetings as the “largest waste of company resources”

: 34

Percentage of American families whose single biggest annual cash infusion is their tax refund

: 23

Portion of Americans below the poverty line who receive no federal assistance

: 1/4

Maximum number of times a year that an American can sell their own plasma

: 104

Portion of NYC fast-food workers who say they have been terminated or forced to quit because of poor working conditions

: 1/2

Rank of 2018 among years with the most US workers on strike or lockout over the past three decades

: 1

Percentage of striking US workers last year who were employed in education

: 78

Number of the ten schools receiving the most Post-9/11 GI Bill payments since 2009 that are for-profit

: 8

Number of those schools that have faced legal action for misrepresentation or fraud

: 6

Chance that a dating app or website user is there to cheat on a partner

: 1/6

Rank of online-dating scams among the costliest types of consumer fraud in the United States

: 1

Amount Americans reported to the FTC that they lost in online-dating scams last year

: $143,000,000

Median amount lost in these scams by victims aged 20 to 29

: $1,000

By victims aged 70 and older

: $10,000

Percentage change in reservations for one at NYC restaurants since 2014

: +80

Average number of seconds by which adults fall asleep more quickly if they are rocked

: 398
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