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Percentage of Americans who think the Supreme Court acts in a “serious and constitutionally sound” manner

: 37

Who cannot name a case decided by the Supreme Court

: 46

Rank of 2021 among years since Roe v. Wade in which the most abortion laws were passed in state legislatures

: 1

Percentage by which white Catholics are more likely than black ones to say opposing abortion is essential to their faith

: 23

By which black Catholics are more likely than white ones to say sermons should touch on political issues

: 189

To say churches should help the needy

: 38

Estimated percentage by which the 2020 U.S. Census undercounted the number of black Americans

: 3.3

By which it overcounted the number of non-Hispanic white Americans

: 1.6

Percentage by which more Americans would defend Canada from invasion than Mexico

: 25

Percentage of Americans who strongly consider themselves vigilantes

: 20

Whose favorite superhero is Batman

: 45

Percentage of adults under 30 who say Americans should be allowed to fight in the Ukrainian army

: 36

Percentage increase in the number of doomsday bunkers purchased in Texas since Russia invaded Ukraine

: 1,100

Minimum number of U.S. states that have banned the sale of Russian vodka

: 12

Maximum percentage of U.S. vodka imports that come from Russia

: 1

Percentage increase in U.S. alcohol-related deaths in 2020

: 26

Among people aged 25 to 44

: 40

Percentage of U.S. workers who quit their jobs in 2021 who cited disrespect as a reason for quitting

: 57

Who cited overwork

: 39

Who are now earning more than they were in 2021

: 56

Percentage by which hiring a CEO with a business degree decreases wages for the company’s other employees

: 15

Average percentage change in sales by companies that hire CEOs with business degrees

: –1

Percentage of Americans who support equipping manual laborers with AI-controlled robotic exoskeletons

: 33

Percentage by which Democrats are more likely than Republicans to believe in vampires

: 33

By which Republicans are more likely than Democrats to believe in demons

: 72

Percentage of the U.S. population that owns a gun, according to the average American’s estimate

: 54

That actually owns a gun

: 32

Percentage of the U.S. population that is transgender, according to the average American’s estimate

: 21

That is actually transgender

: 0.6

Portion of Republicans who do not know what it means for a person to identify as transgender

: 1/3

Percentage by which Americans with college degrees are more likely than those without to get their news from podcasts

: 65

Portion of U.S. Twitter bios including “storyteller” that belong to current or former journalists

: 4/5

Portion of Americans who respond negatively to this descriptor when applied to journalists

: 7/10

Average number of streaming services Americans subscribe to

: 4.5

Estimated number of times per day Netflix viewers select the option to “skip intro”

: 136,000,000

Number of years in saved time this represents each day

: 195

Portion of female students asked to sit alone for fifteen minutes who will self-administer an electric shock out of curiosity

: 1/4
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