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Percentage by which streaming of N.W.A’s “Fuck tha Police” increased in the week following George Floyd’s death

: 272

Factor by which the Minneapolis police used force more often against black people than white people over the past five years

: 7

Percentage of Minneapolis police officers who live in Minneapolis

: 7

Percentage of white Americans who had an unfavorable view of the police before police brutality protests began in May

: 18

Portion of Americans who would be comfortable with the military being deployed to their community in response to protests

: 2/5

Estimated cost of outfitting a police officer with riot-control gear

: $790

Of outfitting a hospital worker with standard personal protective equipment

: $11

Number of the ten largest U.S. novel coronavirus clusters that are linked to correctional facilities

: 7

Percentage decrease since 2006 in the incarceration rate of black Americans

: 34

Factor by which this rate remains higher than that of white Americans

: 5

Percentage of unemployed workers in Massachusetts who receive unemployment benefits

: 66

Of unemployed workers in Florida who do

: 8

Percentage of jobs that require close contact and cannot be done remotely that are done by women

: 77

Portion of fathers assisting with remote learning who believe they are doing most of the instruction

: 1/2

Of mothers assisting with remote learning who agree

: 1/33

Factor by which the number of accounts on Facebook’s messenger app for children under 13 has increased since March

: 3.5

Portion of remote-learning children in households making under $25,000 a year who log on once a week or less

: 2/5

Of those in households making over $100,000 a year who log on every day

: 4/5

Percentage of Americans who view the coronavirus as a major threat to their finances

: 41

Percentage of U.S. adults who say they would refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine

: 19

Of Republicans who say so

: 28

Percentage of U.S. coronavirus cases that have occurred in counties that Donald Trump won in 2016

: 27

Percentage change since last year in the number of Democrats who have a “great deal” of trust in medical scientists

: +43

In the number of Republicans who do

: -3

Number of Doctors Without Borders medical staff who have been assigned to the U.S. coronavirus response

: 21

Estimated number of U.S. lives that could have been saved if social distancing had been implemented a week earlier

: 35,287

If social distancing had been implemented two weeks earlier

: 58,322

Number of U.S. governors whose favorability ratings related to the pandemic have been higher than Trump’s

: 49

Estimated portion of New Yorkers who left the city as the pandemic hit

: 1/20

Of New Yorkers living on the Upper East Side who did

: 2/5

Percentage of U.S. adults working from home during lockdowns who have napped while on the clock

: 59

Chance that an American always wears pants when working from home

: 1 in 2

Portion of Americans who say an ex reached out to them during lockdown

: 1/4

Average number of times per week that an American forgot what day it was this spring

: 5

Percentage of respondents to a recent survey who did not know what day it was when they responded

: 59
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