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Percentage of Americans who think our country should reduce “political correctness”

: 64

Percentage increase this year in the number of Americans who identify as conservative on social issues

: 15

Portion of independent voters who do not know the Republicans’ or Democrats’ stance on abortion

: 1/3

Who do not think either party handles the issue of abortion well

: 2/5

Percentage by which foot traffic in U.S. city centers is lower today than it was in 2019

: 25

Percentage decrease since October in the number of companies requiring employees to work in person full-time

: 14

Percentage by which hybrid workers are more satisfied with their organization’s culture than in-person workers

: 8

Percentage of remote workers who claim to be dissatisfied with their daily commute

: 25

Percentage by which remote work reduces the likelihood of securities fraud

: 15

Portion of U.S. workers who use recreational drugs or alcohol while working remotely

: 1/5

Portion of U.S. workers who report having been under the influence during a virtual meeting

: 1/5

Percentage increase since 2021 in random workplace drug testing

: 18

Percentage of employers who believe their workers have an alcohol use disorder

: 26

Percentage increase since the start of the pandemic in U.S. adults with substance use disorders

: 23

Portion of speech pathologists who have seen an increase in children with communication difficulties since 2019

: 4/5

Percentage of U.S. adults who say they are too tired to make changes to their diet or exercise routine

: 35

Percentage of their daily calorie intake that the average American consumes in the form of ultra-processed food

: 57

Portion of Americans who are unable to do five consecutive push-ups

: 1/3

Portion of Americans who think the invention of the internet was bad for humanity

: 1/10

Who think it was neither good nor bad

: 1/5

Percentage decrease this year in worldwide sales of personal computers

: 29

Minimum number of pagers still in use in the United States

: 808,245

Percentage of American men who say their online lives are more engaging and rewarding than their offline lives

: 48

Who have not spent time with someone outside of their home in the past week

: 26

Who say that they have it harder than women

: 53

Percentage by which men charge more than women for freelance work

: 48

Portion of U.S. workers who do not believe that gender equality in the workplace is very important

: 3/4

Who do not believe that a racially and ethnically diverse workplace is very important

: 7/10

Portion of U.S. adults who approve of colleges taking race and ethnicity into account to increase diversity

: 1/3

Who say they have been personally disadvantaged by efforts to increase racial and ethnic diversity

: 1/4

Percentage of student loan debt held by adults 35 or older

: 63

Chance that a university professor has seen a UFO or knows someone who has

: 1 in 5

Portion of English professors who are interested in researching UFOs

: 3/10

Number of minutes by which a day is longer on Mars than on Earth

: 39

Percentage of baby boomers who believe in hell

: 18

Of millennials and zoomers who do

: 32
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