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Percentage change since 2019 in the portion of Americans who believe environmental laws are worth the cost

: –23

Percentage of U.S. voters who view climate change as the most important problem facing the country

: 1

Percentage by which American men are more likely than women to support nuclear power

: 47

By which men are more likely than women to have donated blood

: 32

Percentage by which Trump voters are more likely than Biden voters to have donated sperm

: 50

By which more Democratic than Republican congress members have announced testing positive for COVID-19

: 48

Percentage by which Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be afraid of crowded spaces

: 40

By which women are more likely than men to be afraid of crowded spaces

: 59

Percentage of Americans who say they aren’t afraid of anything

: 16

Percentage by which Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they would fight if the country were invaded

: 52

Percentage of Americans who could correctly identify Ukraine on a map in February

: 34

Factor by which this percentage has increased since 2014

: 2

Minimum number of cigarette packs Philip Morris has donated to the Ukrainian army

: 500,000

Portion of American young adults who have considered enlisting in the military

: 1/10

Portion of those who are ineligible to enlist

: 3/4

Portion of U.S. millennials who have pretended that they don’t know how to cook to avoid having to help

: 3/5

Percentage of Americans who don’t drink the daily amount of water recommended by the USDA

: 78

Portion who say they don’t drink enough water because they are too busy

: 3/10

Because they forget to

: 1/4

Portion of U.S. adults who are on a diet

: 1/4

Percentage decrease since 2004 in the sales of diet books

: 59

Percentage increase since 2019 in the number of independent bookstores in the United States

: 34

Portion of independent bookstores that experienced higher sales last year than in 2019

: 2/3

Percentage of undergraduates who say they encounter at least moderate difficulty with online learning

: 94

Percentage of U.S. adults who think video gaming should be taught in schools

: 54

Percentage increase since 2009 in the average movie score on Rotten Tomatoes

: 43

Percentage of cannabis consumers who use it daily

: 46

Minimum number of robots New York State will distribute to the elderly this year to combat loneliness

: 834

Portion of American workers who would rather find a new job than return to the office full-time

: 2/3

Percentage increase in the past year in the number of U.S. complaints about unfair labor practices

: 16

In the number of filings for union elections

: 58

Portion of U.S. parents who can’t afford diapers

: 1/3

Percentage of Republicans that Democrats believe make more than $250,000 per year

: 44

Percentage of Democrats that Republicans believe are atheist or agnostic

: 36

Portion of pastors who have seriously considered quitting the ministry in the past year

: 2/5

Percentage of them who attribute the thought to stress

: 56

Who attribute it to loneliness

: 43
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