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Number of new Christmas films that will debut on Hallmark channels this year

: 40

Percentage of the world’s internet traffic that is attributable to Netflix

: 12

Percentage increase since 1996 in the average price of a movie ticket in the United States

: 106

In the average price of a concert ticket

: 256

Estimated annual amount that U.S. book publishers lose to piracy

: $315,000,000

Percentage of people downloading pirated e-books who make $100,000 or more a year

: 29

Number of requests Google has received since 2014 to delete search results based on the E.U.’s “right to be forgotten” law

: 3,300,000

Percentage of those requests Google has granted

: 45

Factor by which the U.S. public trusts law enforcement more than advertisers to use facial-recognition technology “responsibly”

: 3

Amount that the Florida D.M.V. earned selling personal data in 2017

: $77,865,737

Percentage of American women aged 30 and older who receive financial help from their parents

: 49

Of American men aged 30 and older

: 62

Median percentage of student-loan debt owed by white borrowers twenty years after enrolling in college

: 6

Of student-loan debt owed by black borrowers

: 95

Minimum number of laws in San Francisco penalizing homelessness

: 24

Percentage change in calls to 9-1-1 about homeless people in San Francisco from 2013 to 2017

: +78

Number of months for which Japanese men are legally guaranteed paid paternity leave

: 12

Percentage of Japanese fathers who take some advantage of the policy

: 6

Percentage of U.S. adults over 55 who did freelance work this year

: 29

Percentage of images in U.S. online media that feature people aged 50 or older

: 15

Percentage of Americans who are older than 50

: 46

Percentage by which people who nap once or twice a week are less likely than non-nappers to face serious heart illnesses

: 48

Factor by which non-white Americans are more likely than white Americans to be vegetarians

: 3

Percentage by which U.S. sales of plant-based meat substitutes increased this year

: 10

Number of states with laws prohibiting the use of the words “meat,” “burger,” or “steak” on labels for non-animal products

: 7

Rank of “well done” among the ways that Americans prefer their steaks to be cooked

: 1

Chance that an American avoids drinking tap water at home because of safety concerns

: 1 in 3

Percentage of bottled water sold in the United States that is filtered tap water

: 64

Estimated amount that Americans spent on bottled water last year

: $31,000,000,000

Percentage of the U.S. automobile market that is composed of S.U.V.s and pickup trucks

: 66

Percentage of Americans who believe electric cars require gasoline to run

: 42

Number of Nobel laureates in physics who have been named John

: 8

Who have been named Wolfgang

: 3

Factor by which a public restroom floor hosts more bacteria than a toilet seat

: 40,000

By which a kitchen sponge hosts more bacteria than a toilet seat

: 17,700,000,000

Rank of kitchen cleaning among Americans’ least favorite chores

: 1

Portion of Americans who say they’d give up sex for life if they never had to do any more chores

: 1/5
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