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Portion of congresspeople who are older than 70

: 1/4

Who traded stocks between 2019 and 2021

: 1/3

Minimum number who say that they or a relative traded stocks associated with a committee they served on

: 97

Ratio of Americans who gambled online to those who traded cryptocurrency last year

: 1:1

Portion of adults aged 18 to 44 who have gambled more since the start of the pandemic

: 1/4

Number of slot machines on American military bases overseas

: 3,141

Estimated revenue these generate annually for the Department of Defense

: $100,000,000

Minimum number of active-duty U.S. soldiers who have a gambling problem

: 56,000

Amount for which Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s gavel was sold at an auction this year

: $20,400

For which a birthday card from Elon Musk was sold

: $17,000

Minimum number of Leonard Cohen songs owned by a private equity firm as collateral against debt

: 278

Portion of American adults who say they have gone viral

: 3/10

Factor by which more American women than men name true crime as their favorite genre

: 2

Portion of Americans who say they consume true crime content at least once a week

: 1/3

Who think the genre helps solve crimes that wouldn’t otherwise be solved

: 3/5

Percentage of Republicans who say they are in a militia or know someone who is

: 25

Of Democrats who say this

: 32

Portion of Republicans who say it would be unconstitutional to declare the United States a Christian nation

: 3/5

Percentage of U.S. adults who believe God learns and adapts to different circumstances

: 51

Percentage of American evangelicals who deny original sin

: 65

Percentage by which religious people are more likely than non-believers to be satisfied with their sex lives

: 35

Estimated year by which Christians will no longer constitute a majority of the American population

: 2050

Minimum percentage of grocery store employees who left their jobs last year

: 48

Portion of shoppers who say they have stolen something while using a self-checkout machine

: 1/3

Percentage of retailers that have invested in additional security equipment this year

: 52

That are using or planning to use facial recognition software to deter theft

: 12

That are using or planning to use license plate recognition software

: 19

Percentage increase since 2019 in the number of “actively disengaged” U.S. workers under the age of 35

: 50

Portion of remote workers under the age of 35 who don’t know what their employers expect of them

: 3/5

Portion of HR professionals who have discovered employees working outside of their home state or country

: 2/5

Who are “very confident” that they know where most of their workers are

: 1/2

Portion of Americans who say they have traveled less or canceled a vacation because of inflation

: 1/6

Portion of U.S. workers who remain concerned about COVID-19 exposure at work

: 1/3

Who expect infections to increase

: 2/3

Portion of U.S. dating app users who say it’s important to put one’s COVID-19 vaccination status in one’s profile

: 1/2

Estimated portion of COVID-19 patients who report “brain fog” six months after the initial infection

: 2/5

Projected portion of the global population that will be myopic by 2050

: 1/2
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