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An Obsessive Embrace

Garry Winogrand's late sprint

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The Chameleon

Thornton Wilder's multifaceted life and work

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Man Underwater

The democratic fiction of Richard Brautigan

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A Question of Circumstances

From Servabo: A Fin de Siècle Memoir, first published in Italian in 1991, and included in Memories from the Twentieth Century, edited by Alberto Toscano, a collection of three of…

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An economic companion to the Messiah

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The Cake Killer

From “ ‘Being There’ in Toronto,” a May 3, 1987, speech by Jerzy Kosinski. Oral Pleasure, a collection of Kosinski’s speeches, essays, and interviews, edited by Barbara Tepa Lupack and Kiki…

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September 2012

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