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Mostpeople’s Poet

Is E. E. Cummings a serious writer?

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New Books

It is inevitable that some readers will take from Evelyn Barish’s biography of the life and misdeeds of Paul de Man the notion that literary theory is a crock. The title…

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The Oa

On the pleasures and perils of whisky

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The Almighty Dollar

America’s self-help gospel

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The Rat’s Guide

By Amitava Kumar, from A Matter of Rats, a “short biography” of his hometown of Patna, India, to be published by Duke University Press in April. Patna is the capital…

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Janes Bond

From “Divine Secrets of the RYBAT Sisterhood: Four Senior Women of the Directorate of Operations Discuss Their Careers,” the transcript of a recently declassified 2004 conversation among five high-ranking female…

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The View from 86

By Malcolm Cowley, from a December 20, 1984, letter to Peter Braestrup, editor of Wilson Quarterly. Best known for his literary criticism, Cowley died in 1989. The Long Voyage: Selected…

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Does Mailer Matter?

The Young Writer and the last literary celebrity

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The Mercenary Position

Can Amazon change its predatory ways?

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December 2013

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