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Cold War

Ghost Stories

Idi Amin's torture chambers

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The New Red Scare

Reviving the art of threat inflation

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Fifty Years Under a Cloud

The uneasy search for our atomic history

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American Imperium

Untangling truth and fiction in an age of perpetual war

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The Antiglobalists

"Both Sanders and Trump affirm their determination to rebuild an America weakened by unhealthy relationships with the outside world."

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Revisionist History

Is George Orwell's Animal Farm based on the work of a nineteenth-century Russian writer?

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Manual of Trickery and Self-Deception

From a recently declassified article, written by an author whose name was redacted, published in the winter 1986 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the in-house journal of the CIA.

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Borderline Euphoric

Cold War II gets a bipartisan welcome

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February 2012

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