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What China Threat?

How the United States and China can avoid war

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Please Clap

From descriptions of audience applause recorded in official transcriptions of speeches by Nicolae Ceausescu. They were included in a blog post published last year by Yuan Ling, a journalist. The…

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Lord of the Files

By Alexander Zinoviev, from Homo Sovieticus, a novel that was originally published in 1985 and is included in Boredom, an anthology that was published in January by M.I.T. Press and…

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Unofficial Stories

“The suffering cannot disappear without a trace, we need to understand how and why,” says Svetlana Alexievich, the 2015 Nobel laureate in literature and author of Secondhand Time.

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Rational Numbers

Several days after I arrived in Havana I asked my host why all the toilet seats were missing. “We don’t use them here,” he replied, as if it were an…

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Left of Bernie

You say you want a revolution

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Introducing the January 2015 Issue

Jen Percy examines women's rights in liberated Afghanistan, Sam Frank hangs out with Silicon Valley's apocalyptic libertarians, Emily Witt analyzes Pinochet's legacy in Chile, and more

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Red States

The Soviet Attempt to Export Communism

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Weekly Review

President Barack Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor, a Bronx-born, divorced, childless, diabetic, Hispanic federal judge on the U.S Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, to replace Justice David Souter on…

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