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Bounty Hunters

December 28, 2014, dawned auspiciously cold and clear in southwestern Utah. Two hunters, Doug Blackburn and Gray Hansen, had risen before the sun to drive into the high plateau country…

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Charles in Charge

From letters written by Prince Charles to British officials between 2004 and 2009. The letters, known as the “black-spider memos” because of the prince’s handwriting, were released in May, after…

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The End of Illth

In search of an economy that won’t kill us Read More

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The Once and Future World: Nature As it Was, As it Is, As it Could Be

J. B. MacKinnon on human efforts to engineer nature, and whether we can restore what we've lost Read More

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The Homeless Herd

The men of Nohotia hustled along the top of a twenty-foot earthen embankment and peered across a darkening floodplain of cabbages, eggplants, and mustard flowers at the gigantic shapes emerging…

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The West Coast Oyster War

The campaign to shut down a family oyster farm exposes an unflattering side of the American conservation movement Read More

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March 1974