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Occupied Territory

One morning, as I walked on the quiet, mostly wooded King Mountain trail above San Francisco Bay, a dog not much smaller than I and possessed of much sharper teeth…

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The Rogue Agency

One morning in the fall of 1980, Rex Shaddox got a call from his supervisor at the Uvalde, Texas, office of Animal Damage Control. Shaddox had worked for Animal Damage…

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Weekly Review

A survey of U.S. special-operations personnel found that 64 percent of male respondents believe women are not mentally tough enough to serve in commando units, and 20 female politicians won…

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Cattle Calls

This is how you get a cow to stand still: round up the herd, then urge them into a chute. Some chutes begin as wood, but all end as metal,…

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Doctoral Feces

From “Natural Waste: Canine Companions and the Lure of Inattentively Pooping in Public,” a study by Matthias Gross, published in the March 2015 issue of Environmental Sociology. Read…

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Honky, Napoleon, and the Empress Wu

The dog was my fault. I knew perfectly well that a Pekingese would be wrong in a household of ridgebacks and Irish setters. I also knew that one didn’t buy…

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July 2012