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Foreign relations

Army of Shadows

Searching for the Ukrainian foreign legion

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Operation Overshare

How the White House misled Ukraine

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The Great Wall of Steel

Xi Jinping remakes Chinese nationalism

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Narco in Chief

How America enables corruption in Honduras

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The Striking Gesture

“I  was not elected to do small things,” President Donald Trump said upon announcing his new Middle East peace plan at the end of January. Trump was not elected to…

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The Deep State of Dementia

My first reaction upon seeing what was supposedly a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing what was alleged to be a mine from the broken hull of what we were…

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Alms for the Führer

From a list of gifts given to President Trump by foreign officials in 2017, which was published by the State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol in March. The…

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No Joe!

Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy

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The Myth of White Genocide

An unfinished civil war inspires a global delusion

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March 2019

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