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Law and legislation

PETA Peeve

From a complaint filed in June against the State of North Carolina by PETA and other plaintiffs, including Beth A. Sparks, an adviser to the National Opossum Society who “has…

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Getting Jobbed

The real face of welfare reform

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A Camera on Every Cop

Taser International cashes in on police misconduct

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While You Were Sleeping

From a debate in February in the Utah State Legislature about House Bill 74, which specifies that consent for sexual contact cannot be given in circumstances in which a person…

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Surviving a Failed Pregnancy

The medical ordeal no one wants to talk about

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Municipal Bonds

From a class-action lawsuit filed in February against the city of Ferguson, Missouri, for excessively fining and imprisoning residents for minor infractions. In March, the Department of Justice concluded that…

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Saving the Whale, Again

The catastrophic incompetence of Citigroup

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Unequally Yolked

From a complaint filed last October by Unilever, the manufacturer of the Best Foods and Hellmann’s brands of mayonnaise, against Hampton Creek, which produces a vegan condiment called Just Mayo.

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The Great Republican Land Heist

Cliven Bundy and the politicians who are plundering the West

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February 2015

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