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Law and legislation

The Good Citizen

“I have just had a gratifying illustration of the conscientious perfection of the American people in enacting and enforcing a law when they are agreed that it is really for…

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Free Country

Permitless carry and the new gun-rights extremism

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Sweet Om Alabama

From emails sent to Alabama state representative Jeremy Gray regarding a bill to legalize the practice of yoga in K–12 schools, which was banned in 1993. I have only done…

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The Lightning Farm

The death penalty under Trump and the execution of Dustin Higgs

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No Joe!

Joe Biden’s disastrous legislative legacy

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Labor’s Last Stand

Unions must either demand a place at the table or be part of the meal

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Flowers of Evil

Last season was a strange one in my garden, notable not only for the unseasonably cool and wet weather — the talk of gardeners all over New England — but…

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Thought Police

From a ruling handed down in September by a Louisiana district court in Officer John Doe v. DeRay Mckesson et al. The anonymous Baton Rouge police officer filed suit last…

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Pushing the Limit

What the U.S. Olympic Committee can — and can’t — do about sexual abuse

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November 2017

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