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Pakistan in Miniatures

Can the artists of Lahore keep violence at bay?

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Product Placement

From the description of the Vajankle, a silicone foot produced by Sinthetics, an intimate-doll manufacturer. A single Vajankle, without a shoe, costs $175.

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Poison Apples

Thirty years ago, Apple Computer launched a new product with a messianic commercial in which legions of blank-faced, coverall-clad workers march, as if in a trance, through a strange industrial…

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Safety in Knickers

From the Indiegogo funding-campaign profile for AR Wear, described as “wearable protection for when things go wrong.” The company surpassed its $50,000 funding goal last year and is currently at…

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Bad Romance

One genre and a billion happy endings

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My Oh My!

From my Maypo to my Aleve to myRA

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Spin the Bottle

From minutes of a May 28 meeting of the BPA Joint Trade Association. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a compound commonly used in plastic bottles and the linings of cans. Numerous…

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November 2007

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