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Trumpism After Trump

More than four more years? A look at the philosophy and die-hard adherents of National Conservatism

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“Nationalism” is rapidly overtaking even “populism” as a foremost political bogeyman. Yet progressives will often still embrace “pa­tri­ot­ism.” The elevation of the last term is meant to deflect Trump-­style accusations…

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The Call of the Drums

Hungary's far right discovers its inner barbarian

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Donald Trump Is a Good President

One foreigner’s perspective

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Modern Despots

In a democratic state any propagandist will have rivals competing with him for the support of the public. In totalitarian states there is no liberty of expression for writers and…

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Echt Deutsch

How the refugee crisis is changing a nation’s identity

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The Boy Without a Country

Tokyo’s painful exclusion of immigrants

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Front Runner

Marine Le Pen’s campaign to make France great again

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Fugue State

The struggle for national identity in wartime Ukraine

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