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The Pessimistic Style in American Politics

Government of the people? Thomas Frank on the history of populism and anti-populism

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Four More Years

The Trump reelection nightmare and how we can stop it

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Iowa City, Iowa

Like the country as a whole, Iowa has a Republican chief executive and a Republican-controlled legislature that creates problems where they need not exist, problems that look like the effects…

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The New Climate

By Bruno Latour, from The Great Regression, a collection of essays edited by Heinrich Geiselberger that will be published next month by Polity. Latour is a philosopher and the author, most…

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A Peculiar Virtue

Only once have we elected a really ignorant man to the Presidency. Andrew Jackson was almost completely innocent of book-learning when he came to the White House. Furthermore, he was…

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Mourning in America

A political orator wittily compared our party promises to western roads, which opened stately enough, with planted trees on either side, to tempt the traveller, but soon became narrow and…

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Atlas Aggregated

No social encounter delights me more than meeting a doctor at a cocktail party. In clinical settings, doctors tend to be guarded and aloof. Catch one with a whiskey in…

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March 2013

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