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Shades of Blue

Late on election night, when the betting markets were just realizing that Trump’s path to victory had narrowed, and leading voices on the left were lamenting the failure of anything…

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Future Sense

In February 2017, one month after Donald Trump’s inauguration, the New York Times ran a story by Nate Cohn, with the headline president’s approval ratings are down, but how much…

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Mr. Me Too

From lyrics referring to Donald Trump in rap songs catalogued by Rich Well-known Over-tan Orange Pink All-American High drama Living large On the links On the news Making big…

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Criminal Minds

Just over an hour after he had been threatened with assassinationin Sacramento, President Ford spoke about the troubling rise in crime in the United States. The little of his remarks…

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The Real Jimmy Carter

At 4:30 in the afternoon in the Admiral Benbow Inn in Jackson, Mississippi, Jimmy Carter sits opposite a dozen seventeen-year-olds, asking them to help him become president. “I grow peanuts…

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Donald Trump Is a Good President

One foreigner’s perspective

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Four More Years

The Trump reelection nightmare and how we can stop it

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The Uncertainty Principle

The first year of the Trump presidency is behind us. The unimaginable has become the historical. But time, the reputed healer of all wounds, has somehow only aggravated this one.…

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February 2018

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