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Chew Your Own Adventure

From Letter to the Americans, which was written in 1949 after a visit to New York City. It will be published for the first time in English this month by…

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Lost Cause

How police violence disappears from death certificates

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Another Land

From Shelter, a memoir, which will be published this month by Graywolf Press. I plotted my return to Baltimore the day after the heaviest snowfall in a decade, a bright…

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Continental Divide

Decades ago, my father implored me to get acquainted with James Baldwin. As is often the case with such parental injunctions, I ignored him for a long time, but once…

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Unending Struggle

In 1974, a pair of scientists who would go on to win the Nobel Prize published a paper demonstrating that the chlorofluorocarbons used in aerosol sprays and refrigerators were harming…

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The Umpire Strikes Back

From remarks made by U.S. judges in 2019, which appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of the Judicial Conduct Reporter, published by the National Center for State Courts. These remarks…

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Is America Ungovernable?

The difference between protest and reform

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After the Fires

From A More Perfect Reunion, which was published in June by Bold Type Books. Even before Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, many were debating the utility of pacifist resistance.…

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Color Theory

From Afropessimism, which will be published this month by Liveright. In February 2001, I attended the Race Rave conference at the University of California, Santa Cruz, with my wife, Alice.…

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April 2020

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