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Pushing the Limit

What the U.S. Olympic Committee can — and can’t — do about sexual abuse

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Nice Girls

When I was growing up in the 1960s, I was taught by the adult world that good girls never had sex and bad girls did. This rule had clarity going…

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Where pregnant women have more to fear than Zika

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While You Were Sleeping

From a debate in February in the Utah State Legislature about House Bill 74, which specifies that consent for sexual contact cannot be given in circumstances in which a person…

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Dire Straights

From questions asked by deputies of the L.A. County Men’s Jail to determine whether an inmate should be placed in a unit created to house and protect gay and transgender…

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Love Crimes

What liberation looks like for Afghan women

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Safety in Knickers

From the Indiegogo funding-campaign profile for AR Wear, described as “wearable protection for when things go wrong.” The company surpassed its $50,000 funding goal last year and is currently at…

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Conduct Unbecoming

The military’s sexual-assault problem

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Tiny Little Laws

A plague of sexual violence in Indian country

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February 2011

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