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Russia (Federation)

Operation Overshare

How the White House misled Ukraine

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Brave and Rational

From a series of diary entries from Kyiv, Ukraine, published daily on february 24: I woke up early to see eight unanswered calls on my phone. It was my…

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Ad Astra

The coming battle over space

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Putin on Your Pants

From a December 2020 telephone conversation between Konstantin Borisovich Kudryavtsev, an FSB agent, and Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader whom Kudryavtsev attempted to assassinate on an airplane in August…

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A Novel Approach

This issue marks the debut of two new Harper’s Magazine columnists: Hari Kunzru will now be alternating with Thomas Chatterton Williams in the Easy Chair, while Claire Messud takes over…

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The Deep State of Dementia

My first reaction upon seeing what was supposedly a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing what was alleged to be a mine from the broken hull of what we were…

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Slash Fictions

A vandalized painting and the legacy of Ivan the Terrible

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“Tell Me How This Ends”

America’s muddled involvement with Syria

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Cursed Fields

What the tundra has in store for Russia’s reindeer herders

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