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Circles and Lines

Discussed in this essay: The Lost Time Accidents, by John Wray. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 512 pages. $27. Waldemar “Waldy” Tolliver has been exiled from time, trapped at 8:47 “this”…

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A Ring-Formed World

I have recently developed a crank theory, for which I can adduce no real evidence, that the human sense of time has its origins in story, or is at least…

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Keeping Time

By Sarah Manguso, from Ongoingness: The End of a Diary, out in March from Graywolf Press. Manguso is the author of several books, including The Guardians and The Two Kinds…

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Stop Time

It’s unmissable, the memorial to the Missing of the Somme at Thiepval. It can be seen from a distance, across the rolling fields, and if there were any doubt of…

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On the Economy of the Dead

From Left Curve: No. 31. Berger’s most recent work of fiction, From A to X, is out this month from Verso. His “Portrait of a Masked Man” appeared in the…

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December 1974