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United StatesFederal Bureau of Investigation

To Catch a Terrorist

The FBI hunts for the enemy within

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Bad Intelligence

From internal reports sent by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, intended to “aid employees in steering clear of ethical pitfalls.” A selection of reports from the past three years…

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Tiny Little Laws

A plague of sexual violence in Indian country

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Tough Luqman

From an October 27 federal criminal complaint against Luqman Ameen Abdullah and ten other alleged members of Ummah, a radical Islamic separatist group based in Detroit. On October 28, after…

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The Intelligence Factory

How America makes its enemies disappear

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8. Intelligence

From the Forum “Undoing Bush” By far the most significant intelligence error of the Bush Administration has been the decision, contrary to established American policy and common sense, to treat…

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June 2007

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