[Washington Babylon ]Wolcott: “The raven caw of Laura Ingraham’s voice” | Harper's Magazine

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[Washington Babylon]

Wolcott: “The raven caw of Laura Ingraham’s voice”


From James Wolcott at Vanity Fair:

The raven caw of Laura Ingraham’s voice on the radio has never been one of nature’s nobler mating calls, and her on-air personality has always struck me as the antithesis of sparkling…I admit I felt a flicker of sympathy for Ingraham as exasperation gets the worst of her in this samizdat highlight reel of lowpoints at the host desk of Fox News’s “Just In…” At the mercy of inept nincompoops who seem to be studiously ignoring her escalating objections to their studio chatter and doorway hovering (you half-expect to see stagehands crossing behind her, carrying planks of wood), Ingraham sounds like a U-Boat commander just before everything goes pitch-black and desperate cries compete with the ominous clanging of pipes. The point is, it’s not her fault the ship’s about to spend eternity as a steel turd on the ocean floor.

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