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[Washington Babylon]

Letter from Obama Supporter


On my posting this morning, in which I tried not to be cynical:

I understand your cynicism about the money Obama took from the people you call (and rightly so) “the usual suspects,” but he also took money from a lot of people like me, people who never gave to a Presidential campaign before and people who gave in small amounts. Millions of us. I’m not sure what my personal contribution was, but if it topped $100, it wasn’t by much. I think that shouldn’t be dismissed. Sure, The Usuals will hope that their money has bought them influence, but so does another interest group, the small folk who gave in money, time, and enthusiasm to a degree that far overshadows the checkwriting capabilities of The Usuals. I may be wrong about this–I’m no stranger to being wrong–but I think the signal importance of Sen. Obama’s victory is that it represents a new paradigm in American politics.

I also think that he is misunderstood by those who relentlessly view politics through an ideological lens. He’s neither a liberal or a conservative but is, I suspect, a pragmatist, which is a refreshing change from what I’ve had to live through for most of my life.

I feel like I’m a citizen again.

Anyway, since we cannot have a rational republic without a questioning press, question bravely and always expose shadowy cant to the light. Good luck.

Len Cassamas

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