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[Washington Babylon]

DeLayed Reaction: House majority whip’s foundation has that old-time aroma


Think back to the terrible old days when the Republicans ran congress, and how companies seeking to win access and favor with the GOP would make “contributions” to the DeLay Foundation for Kids, the personal charity of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Donors included AT&T, Bill and Melinda Gates and Michael Dell of Dell computers.

Of course, this type of thing doesn’t take place now that the Democrats are in charge. Ahem.

Take a look at the James E. Clyburn Research and Scholarship Foundation, the personal charity of House Majority Whip James Clyburn. New disclosure forms required by the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act show that donors to the foundation in 2008 included AT&T, Microsoft and Dell Computer. Not to mention Ford, UPS and Verizon. And Novartis, AstraZenica and Abbott Labs. And Merck, Wal-mart and Time Warner. Among others.

Past donors to the foundation include Coca-Cola and the Nuclear Energy Institute, of which Clyburn is a loyal ally. DeLay’s foundation sponsored a golf tournament — and so does Clyburn’s, the Rudolph Canzater Memorial Golf Classic. “Each year, hundreds of elected officials, business and community leaders from around the country gather on the shores of South Carolina’s 110,000 acre Lake Marion at Santee to participate,” says the house whip’s website. “As in years past, proceeds from the Classic will fund need-based scholarships for high school graduates and college students.”

Just like DeLay and his foundation, Clyburn is all about the kids.

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