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From the price list for Necromance, a Los Angeles jewelry store that sells items made from human and animal bones.

Human fingertip on silver hoop earring: $6
Raccoon fangs on silver hoop earring: $8
Human tooth on silver hoop earring: $8
Cat femur on leather cord: $10
Bracelet of shark vertebrae and seeds: $10
Skunk jaws on leather cord with chicken vertebrae: $12
Human ankle bone with gunmetal beads on leather cord: $18
Necklace of small shark vertebrae with African beads: $18
Chicken vertebrae necklace: $18
Baby oryx ribs on leather cord: $20
Cat vertebrae on leather cord: $20
Necklace with beaver molars and wood beads: $22
Ceramic skull with snake vertebrae and black glass choker: $25
Snake vertebrae and crystal bead necklace: $25
Monkey teeth and crystal bead necklace: $25
Prairie dog foot on a leather cord with camel bones and glass beads: $25
Monkey tailbones and glass bead necklace: $28
Muskrat jaws with black glass and skull beads on necklace: $28
Human finger on leather cord: $28
Human teeth necklace with bone beads and black glass: $30
Human metacarpals (wrist bones) with crystal beads on a leather cord: $35
Muskrat and skunk skulls on cord with assorted animal teeth: $40
Bracelet of human phalanxes with camel bone beads: $40
Chicken vertebrae with human fingertips on a leather cord: $50
Camel bone necklace with human hand bones and bronze beads: $65