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August 1997 Issue [Readings]

Forbes’s $64 Billion Questions

From an internal memo sent in April to reporters at Forbes magazine who were working on the magazine’s annual list of the “world’s richest people.” The list was to appear in the July 28 issue of Forbes.

Take a look at the questions below and see if you can slip some or all of them into the interviews you do. If you can’t get the billionaire to talk to you, look for good details in other conversations you have or articles you read that might flesh out the guy’s personality.

What are the most overrated and underrated aspects of being a billionaire?
What does being a billionaire mean to you from an intellectual standpoint? How about from an emotional standpoint?
What is the best piece of advice you ever bestowed, upon whom, and what was the result?
What else is there for you personally to conquer in this lifetime?
If you had the opportunity to be a king, would you accept the responsibility, and over what country would you preside?
If you could redraw any geographical boundary, what would it be and why?
If you could rewrite a day in world history, how would you do it?
With which character in literature do you most identify?
Does being a billionaire affect your view of a higher being?

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August 1997

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